hey there, i'm onkar (aka, theonkxr), welcome to my base!

i'm a generalized specialist and a workaholic — used to building products, tools, and services to grow ecosystems across web3 while optimizing technology for digital public goods.


i'm developing a versatile skill set around research, design, strategy, business operations, finance, and programming 🦀 (+ ongoing experiments in defi).

currently working on

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work experience

  • sales + strategy @ code4rena (mostly focused on apac region)
  • growth/bd lead @ rep3
  • growth @ timeless (worked on bunni)
  • co-founder @ exponent labs (worked with sherlock, station and more)
  • governance & research @ daostewards.eth (by bankless dao)
  • contributor (product marketing) @ tokenomics dao
  • business development, marketing, m&a scout @ bankless consulting
  • good growth contributor @ protein
  • community manager & contributor (community, business development, & marketing) @ truts (+ truts academy)
  • contributor (marketing, business development, community event ops) @ banklessdao (global/south asia)
  • mmm (memes, merch, marketing) contributor @ gitcoindao
  • community contributor @ yearn finance
  • research contributor @ rari capital (design)
  • strategy & operations lead @ crowwd labs
  • marketing & sales lead @ macg (a regional agrotech and fertilizer company)
  • experimented across two startups based on media & health services
note: i maintain relationships with most of my previous workplaces and continue to collaborate with them on projects whenever possible, as long as it doesn't conflict with any non-solicitation agreements. my focus is on solving problems, driving progress, and supporting others in achieving their goals, regardless of my current employment status.



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